White Wines


A medium to light-bodied dry white wine with a unique nose of citrus and leather combined. A bold taste to the palate.

  • Bottle – $10.99


Medium-bodied dry with softer fruit flavors of pears, melons, peaches, and apples. Pleasant aroma, gently oaked.

  • Bottle – $9.99


Pleasant dry light to medium-bodied yellow gold wine. Has lightly oaked “Chardonnay” characteristics.

  • Bottle – $13.99

Two Rivers White

Fruity blend with a hint of rose blossom and sultana laced scones producing a savory soft round feel experience. Nice summer wine.

  • Bottle – $14.99

St. Pepin

Another Swenson variety. Similar to a Riesling. Very fruity, comparable to many German style white with a great aroma.

  • Bottle – $12.99


A newer variety and rapidly becoming a Midwest favorite. Spicy, yet smooth fruity pineapple hints and a nectar-like nose.

  • Bottle – $12.99


A medium-bodied golden delicate white wine with hints of mouthwatering citrus and other fruity aromas.

  • Bottle – $11.99