Past Artists

Vine Street Cellars is proud to have been associated with the following artists that have participated in our Featured Artist Program.  We are happy to continue this relationship by featuring examples of their work as well as contact information if you are interested in obtaining any of these or other pieces.

Lori Stevens

Art has been a lifelong endeavor for Lori Stevens.  She began drawing at a young age and over the years she explored other mediums, including charcoal, pastel, pen and ink, oils and acrylic.  She is currently focused on creating a series of musician paintings in oils inspired by friends from a weekly jam session.


She currently resides in Bellevue, Nebraska and is a substitute teacher in elementary education for Bellevue Public Schools and Council Bluffs Public Schools.


For more information, contact at (402) 650-6051 or


Joan McDonough

Passionate about oil painting, watercolor painting, Russian Icons, and quilting, “Threads & Brushstrokes” is the perfect name for her art business. For her the creative process is a unique, and spiritual experience that is a huge part of who she is. Oil paints allows her to play with color, light and shapes, which are inspired by working outside in the natural world. Her photographs of nature and flowers help  with her floral watercolors.
Art quilting is challenging using a variety of techniques such as thread painting, fusing  fabric and raw edge appliqué. She been painting Icons for the since 2006 and has attended numerous work shops given by  the Prosopon School of Iconology. The workshops present a study of the Byzantine – Russian tradition of sacramental icon writing.


She was born to be an artist and has been quilting and painting for over 27 years. She also works part time as Certified Hand Therapist at Alegent Health. She is a single parent and have 3 successful grown children. James is an aerospace engineer, Laurel is a mechanical engineer and Meghan has just completed her first year of Physical Therapy at the Med Center in Omaha.


Contact :  Studio (#213) is located at the Hot Shops Art Center at 1301 Nicholas St., Omaha N.E., 68102.
Phone: 402-894-0080.


Brent Yezek

Brent Yezek is a Glenwood native, now living in Austin, Texas. He specializes in oil pastels and watercolor paintings, concentrating on human subjects and landscapes.
Find more of his work at: and


Mary Sneed

Mary Sneed started drawing professionally after the birth of her first child 37 years ago. Mary sharpened her skills while under the tutelage of many accomplished artists including Oscar Sormani of Omaha for 8 years learning color and landscapes. While living in Kansas she studied under Harry Fredman and Daniel Greene (Master Pastelist). Mary has also studied under Richard Whitney of New Hampshire and Bob Gerbracht of California.


Mary considers herself a realist, but she also creates in both impressionist and abstract styles. She works in all mediums from oils, watercolor, colored pencils, and black and white (pencil and charcoal). Her love of children and people are a natural fit with her talent for portraiture; working from both photographs and live sittings.  Mary also enjoys sports art, landscapes, and wildlife. Mary has had three published prints. One with Mickey Mantle of the New  York Yankees in 1988,  Adam Iates of the St. Louis Blues Hockey Tem in 1992, and Tom Osborne, National Champion Print in 1994.


Mary has 12 children and enjoys living on a small farm in Malvern Iowa; just 30 minutes from Omaha, NE. In addition to being a Fine Artist, Mary is also an accomplished framer, providing custom framing services for the past seven years.


Contact: 722-624-8766 (hm) 402-616-3905 (cell)


Michelle Maile McCaslin

Michelle Maile (Pascual) McCaslin was born in Washington at Fairchild AFB. As a military brat she grew up all over the world. Her father was born and raised in Hawaii and her mother grew up in the mountains of the Philippines, Baguio City. Her family consisted of 4 brothers and a sister. Michelle is married to Marc McCaslin and has two girls and a granddaughter.


After a four year tour in the Philippines her father was then stationed in Offutt AFB, 1987 where he finished his military career. Michelle attended high school at Bellevue East and during that time had some exposure to Art as a class but since then she has not taken academic classes in Art. After graduating Bellevue East in 1990 painting seemed to have ceased until Michelle helped teach a Kindergarten class in Okinawa, Japan. Working in a Department of Defense school in 1996-1997 helped cultivate some of her painting abilities as she painted displays for the school and taught simple art classes to the elementary students.


It was not until after graduating Nursing School in 2006 did Michelle really start to dabble in painting. Working as a night-shift floor nurse, Michelle would pass time the night before a shift with painting then would go to sleep in the day to wake and work in the evenings.


Self taught in painting Michelle uses acrylic paints and occasionally oils. Michelle is inspired by the outdoors and especially the outdoor tropical location of Hawaii. Use of metallic paints help to accentuate the source of light and also add dimension to the paintings. Several painters like Monet have inspiration to the textured, colorful types of paintings that are made up of small strokes of color. When painting with acrylics thickening mediums are usually mixed to achieve a textured or layered effect. And due to the thickness of the medium most paintings are done with a pallet knife rather than a brush. The application of paint with a pallet knife keeps the paints from mixing leaving more solid, vibrant color. Painting this way it is more like “frosting a cake.”


Personally, Michelle has noticed growth in her ability to paint and in herself when she was able to overcome the fears related to her painting abilities. Painting is personal and objective to the eye of the person holding the brush. Perfection does not exist and in the end the person that should be happy about the painting is the artist. Fears are self made limits on what we can accomplish. Growth in anything requires a constant need to address fears in order to move forward. Family and friends have shown great love and support along the way which also encourages the artist to expand on different subject matter she paints and to continue to paint with inspiration and enthusiasm. Contact: 402-917-7177


Sandi Winton

Sandi is from a very small, rural town in Brunswick, Missouri. Her sister-in-law always had a camera on her at all times and so of course, she too wanted a camera and began taking pictures with a little 110.  Her cousin was an excellent landscape photographer and she fell in love with his waterfall pictures. By the age of 10, photography was her love.  As a busy life took over Sandi put aside photography until 2000 when her husband gave her a Canon EOS ELAN 7E camera for her birthday. Since then, she has studied photography via workshops and seminars from professional photographers.  Sandi loves wildlife, landscapes and all of the beauty that God has created; wanting to capture that for everyone to enjoy.  Lately her work has focused on old barns because “They are amazing and I wish they could talk.  The stories they would tell!  Unfortunately, they are disappearing at an incredible rate, which is why I feel the need to capture their images for generations to come so that they can see a part of their past”.


Sandi and her husband Tony have settled in Glenwood, Iowa. They have five children and nine (soon to be ten) of the most adorable and incredible grandchildren ever.  Sandi looks forward to the day where she can spend all of her time taking pictures and playing with the grandkids..

Contact: and


Tricia Evans

Tennessee-born Tricia Evans has devoted a life’s career to classroom education and has been fortunate to have many opportunities to pursue her love of theater while teaching. Only recently has she expeanded her interest in photography by opening her work to public showings.  Her husband, Jim, describes her photography style as “serendipitous” which she finds a perfect description. Tricia’s photograps are presented in the color and lighting that were present at the time of exposure.  She hopes that you enjoy viewing the world as she has seen it, through “Evan’s Eye.”